Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Rest of the Christmas Mugs and Glasses I Have Available

I have all of these mugs available now. Silly me, I thought I had posted these already! Please contact me for details or if you have any questions. They are all available in my etsy shop.

Café Mug- Merry Christmas $6 
Café Mug- Merry $6

Café Mug- Merry Bright Joy Peace $6
Regular Coffee Cup 98% nice 2% naughty $5
Café Mug-Bright $6

Café Mug- Joy $6

Café Mug- Peace $6

Regular Coffee Cup-Snowflakes $3

Coffee Mug Snowoman $6 (close up)
Coffee Mug Snowoman $6
Coffee Mug Snowman $6

Coffee Mug Snowman $6

Coffee Mug Merry Christmas $6 (close up)
Coffee Mug Merry Christmas $6
Coffee Mug 98% nice 2% naughty $6

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