Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Giveaway at Carly Robertson's Blog

Carly Robertson from The Simple Things is hosting a Giveaway for 8 items from the  invite.L online store. It is an assortment of journals, planners, felt pouches and bags. They are great for organization, meal planning, daily life, record keeping, you name it. Follow the link to enter this giveaway. Carly is offering a few different ways to enter so head over there now! (hahaha, that's an order!)
By the way, I found her blog through Paper Craft Magazine's blog, since Carly is a fellow paper crafter. She has recently changed the blog a bit, and is now geared more toward organization, photography and things like that. I for one, want to go clean out EVERYTHING every time I read one of her posts. I have been clearing stuff out recently, so THANK YOU Carly for the inspiration and the push to get started!

Have a great day!!


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