Thursday, March 11, 2010

I followed Becky Oehler's card for this one, which you can see here. I haven't found a white embossing powder that works well for me (so if anyone has suggestions for this, I'd appreciate it!!). I think I may try the PTI one next.
I made this card for my best friend's father, whose own father passed away last week. Though I didn't know her Veroushka's grandfather (he lived in Nicaragua), her family has always been so good to me, like a second family.
Personally, I think this card could be used for any number of occasions, in many different colors.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Wishes

This was my first attempt with a 1st Birthday card for my best friend's son. I wasn't crazy about it, so I started over...

...and ended up with this. I had to mail it before I got too frustrated, but I still feel as if something is missing. Inside it says "Happy 1st Birthday" (printed). Maybe I could have added a "1" on the outside? I am open to suggestions (please!!)
I know my friend will love it regardless, but I want to know what I could have to done to make this one a little bit nicer.