Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge- Everyday

I almost hate to share this, but the laundry and Marley (and cleaning up the massive amounts of hair she sheds. The underground fence can't be installed fast enough!!) are a huge part of my everyday routine. Of course Dominic is with me all the time while Sebastian and Alex are at school and Matt is at work. Funny though, Marley is with me day in and day out, but she is in LOOOOOOVE with Matt. That maroon shirt? Matt's work shirt. She's a traitor!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo Friday - Out of Focus

So for this week's challenge, we were to post something "out of focus". This works perfectly for me, since I don't particularly want to focus on the dead grass in our yard! Hahaha, no, really. We haven't had a real winter this year. Kentucky has strange, unpredictable weather, but from what I have been reading/hearing, it has been pretty much the same thing everywhere else. Winters here without snow are not very pretty (which is why we have dead, ugly, brown grass right now). The morning Carly posted this challenge, I saw this little flower as I was going to check the mail. And you guessed it, it is the ONLY flower that has bloomed in our yard so far. 

The next photo is one I took around this time last year, also in our front yard. Crazy, right? 
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Have a great day!