Saturday, August 4, 2012



SILHOUETTE SD *$175 (less than 1 year old- has cd, booklet, USB, etc.)
What is included:

Silhouette machine
Software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher
Power cable
USB cable
Cutting blade
Instruction Manuals

The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use. Similar to the functioning of a home printer, it cuts paper and other materials like vinyl with a blade instead of printing onto it.

CRICUT CREATE *RARELY USED $80 (less than 1 year old, has booklet, power cord, disk, manual, etc.)

CRICUT CARTRIDGES: $20 EACH (they each have the booklet and keypad with them)

Still available:

I don't use the Cricut anymore, but it works perfectly. It is a great tool for many, many projects but just doesn't get used enough for me to keep it. The Silhouette SD is also great, and super versatile, but I am selling it because I want the bigger one (for bigger projects).

On Tuesday I will have a few more items to add that I have for sale, stamp sets and a couple of punches as well.



Monday, June 25, 2012

Taking A Break...

for a while. There are some things that require my complete attention. Time to grow up, time get priorities in order...all of this so I can get my career off the ground. I will be back, I promise, but for personal reasons, I have to take a break. (I know it is not much of an explanation, but this also explains why I haven't been posting anything at all for quite a while.) Sometimes you just need to stop and take care of one thing at a time, instead of trying to do too many things at once. The end result is often being so overwhelmed that you don't accomplish anything at all.

See you soon.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Keep Calm and Sip On

Hey there! I have been playing catch up here at home. I have been preparing for my State Court Interpreter Certification exam, and basically put everything on hold. For a few months. You know when you have something you WANT to do, but there is something more important you HAVE to do first? And you can't do what you want until you finish that task first? Yeah, well, I couldn't finish the "fun stuff" until I got that test out of the way. I had to study a lot, and practice. I don't have anyone here locally that can help me study, so I was on my own. In any case, the test is behind me now, and now I can get back to some of the things- like papercrafting and photography- that allow me to relax every day.

So, here is a card I made, using the first stamp I bought from Market Street Stamps. You can find it here, and you can find the Market Street Stamps blog here
Ok, so here is what I used. The card base is Stamper's Select Cardstock in White from Papertrey Ink. The blue cardstock (there are 5 pieces, each is cut at 1/2 an inch) is from Pacific Point from Stampin' Up. To try to get even spacing, I adhered the outside strips first and worked my way in. 

I then stamped the sentiment on a piece of white cardstock, (cut to 2 3/8") using Red Riding Hood from Stampin' Up. That piece was adhered on a piece of white cardstock, cut at 2 5/8". That was then adhered with foam squares to give the card some dimension. And that's it! Super easy. (Finished card size is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".)

If you aren't familiar with Market Street Stamps, check them out. They have great prices, fast shipping and the stamps are high quality (I believe they are polymer.). And their stamps are SUPER cute!
That's it for me today, we are off to soccer practice!
Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 52- Sacrifice

The theme for this week's challenge at My 3 Boybarians is Sacrifice. You can find the link here. I took this photo after Mass on Easter Sunday. I edited it using Pioneer Woman's Actions- Edge Burn and Dim the Lights. I didn't have the correct settings on my camera, and because it was a very bright day- the photos we took are a little blown out in some areas. Ree's actions helped it look better. You can find her blog HERE. You should definitely check out these two blogs. They are two of my favorites for many reasons!



Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge- Everyday

I almost hate to share this, but the laundry and Marley (and cleaning up the massive amounts of hair she sheds. The underground fence can't be installed fast enough!!) are a huge part of my everyday routine. Of course Dominic is with me all the time while Sebastian and Alex are at school and Matt is at work. Funny though, Marley is with me day in and day out, but she is in LOOOOOOVE with Matt. That maroon shirt? Matt's work shirt. She's a traitor!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo Friday - Out of Focus

So for this week's challenge, we were to post something "out of focus". This works perfectly for me, since I don't particularly want to focus on the dead grass in our yard! Hahaha, no, really. We haven't had a real winter this year. Kentucky has strange, unpredictable weather, but from what I have been reading/hearing, it has been pretty much the same thing everywhere else. Winters here without snow are not very pretty (which is why we have dead, ugly, brown grass right now). The morning Carly posted this challenge, I saw this little flower as I was going to check the mail. And you guessed it, it is the ONLY flower that has bloomed in our yard so far. 

The next photo is one I took around this time last year, also in our front yard. Crazy, right? 
Be sure to stop by Carly's blog to check out some of the other participants' photos as well!!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Friday: Sweet Things

Carly Robertson Photo Friday
This past weekend we went to a family wedding, and I thought this photo fit the theme perfectly. This is my husband’s aunt Tina, and her oldest son (the groom), Nicholas. I have known him and his brother Aubrey for about `15 years. I used to work at the daycare they attended. Pretty crazy, I was pregnant with my oldest son Sebastian at that time!! How time flies!!!
 If you haven’t joined in on this challenge, check out Carly’s blog for more details at: 
2012-02-25 067
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 52, 10 on 10 Challenge, and A Day in the Life

This post is a combination of three challenges. Well, sort of. One isn't a challenge, I just thought I'd do it because it sounded like fun. The first is for My 3 Boybarians. The second is Carly Robertson's 10 on 10 Challenge, where we post 10 photos that were taken throughout the day. The third challenge (for me, anyway) was participation in Ali Edwards' A Day In the Life. For that one, you document through photos and journaling.  
It isn't about taking photos of everything, or to journal every minute of your day. It is just capturing the normal, every day things. 
Well, here they are: 

The theme for My 3 Boybarians' Project 52 this week's is True Love.

We has SO MUCH FUN taking these pictures and being silly!!!

& A Day in the Life

4:45 am...Matt getting ready for work...and not wanting his photo taken this early in the day.

Thursday morning duties: 4:50 am...taking out the trash!
Dominic decided to play with my (deep purple!) ink pad. Apparently he thought he'd taste it too.
Notes and to-do lists on the mirror.
Good morning, Dominic!!
 Yay!!! Got to Skype with one of my sisters, Gabriela, and my beautiful nephew, Luciano.
 Listening to Fiesta Criolla on

Another trip to the library and basketball practice clothes for Alex.
 Using this purple corn from Peru to make chicha morada, a VERY popular drink in Peru. You can read more about it here: Not only does it have many healthy benefits, but it also tastes GREAT!!!

I finally got to work on  few cards.
 Sebastian playing with Dominic at Alex's basketball practice. I love how the height difference is so obvious here. (They are 12 1/2 years apart!!) 
 My little basketball player!! (In the blue shirt.) 

Above and below: Preparing dinner!

 Matt made me a photo box (just needs to be covered or painted in white and white fabric needs to be addded in the open areas) and Dominic thought it would be fun to see if he fit in it. Why yes, yes he did.

Have a great day!!

The Art of Poster Design, Assignment 1

I created this for Jessica Sprague's The Art of Poster Design class. I know VERY little about digital design, digital scrapbooking, and SOME techniques in Photoshop Elements. I am learning everything pretty much on my own, trial and error, with a few books (3) I have, and through different resources like Jessica Sprague's site. Another incredibly useful site is Becky Higgins' and Ali Edwards' blogs. There are also TONS of sites and blogs where you can find tutorials on photo editing and designing. So far, I am loving this class. It isn't as difficult as I thought, and Jessica does an AMAZING job explaining each step (this is the second class of hers I have taken). I highly recommend it!!
(I would love to etch something like this onto one of my glasses too!)
For this particular poster, I highlighted the "L" to represent two of my nephews' names- Luciano and Liam.

Have a great day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge: Love

The theme this week for Carly Robertson's Photo Friday Challenge was Love. I am totally cheating here but  this is what came to mind when I saw the theme. These were taken by my husband on the morning of July 18th, 2010, at the precise moment when our 2 older boys met their baby brother. He was about 24 minutes old. To this day, Sebastian and Alex still look at Dominic with all that love in their eyes. 

Have a great day!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge: Week 5

 For today's Photo Friday Challenge on Carly Robertson's blog, the theme is animals. This is Marley, our 2 1/2 year old tri-color English Springer Spaniel. This is also one of the few moments when she is still enough to take her picture. She DOES live up to the name Marley, by the way. I think we should have named her Shadow sometimes. Every time we take 2 steps, she is right there at our heels. If we go in one room, she will wait for us right outside the door (that is, if the door is closed). She makes me crazy sometimes, but she is a good dog. The English Springer Spaniel is an excellent breed for active families. Marley loves to run, it is when she looks the happiest (aside from when someone is petting her, because one would think she hadn't seen anyone in a week!). 

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge: Week 4

The theme for (last) Friday's challenge over at Carly Robertson's blog was shoes. I had my photo ready, with 4 pairs of my shoes, house shoes (that my husband makes fun of!), sneakers, boots and heels. Then, Dominic decided it would be fun to spread binder clips and crackers all over the floor, then stomp all over the crackers as he looked at me and laughed. I was cleaning everything up. and he had gotten into other things...and then stood on top of the Cricut cartridge box to try and climb on top of the desk! I have been trying to get used to learning how to use my Canon Rebel XS in manual mode (I used my 50 mm lens) and had it in my hands when I took this one. Tiny little shoes on top of the (empty!!!) cartridge box. Aaahh...if anything else, my boys give me lots of photo opportunities and laughter!!

Have a great day!!


Project 52: Self Portrait

This week's challenge for My 3 Boybarians' Project 52 Challenge was to take our self only took me about 273 tries (just kidding). I didn't edit this photo very much, just a little. As much as I hate seeing the sun spots on my face, I want to look back at this one year from now and compare the difference. Hopefully one year from now they will be gone!!

I'll be back with another challenge soon and I have some projects to post in the next few days!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge- Pocket Light

Carly Robertson's challenge last Friday was pocket light-Pocket light is just that, using a small pocket of light in the photo. Well, I am late in posting this because I just didn't have anything to photography like that. (I looked, I tried..didn't work.) Then Wednesday was my son Alex's 10th birthday and I got my opportunity. So here is my version of pocket light, and I am submitting with just about an hour left!! Can't wait to see what challenge Carly has for us today- hopefully it won't take me a week to get it! 

PS- I am proud of myself...I just learned how to create my own watermark...about time!!

Have a great weekend!!