Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge: Week 4

The theme for (last) Friday's challenge over at Carly Robertson's blog was shoes. I had my photo ready, with 4 pairs of my shoes, house shoes (that my husband makes fun of!), sneakers, boots and heels. Then, Dominic decided it would be fun to spread binder clips and crackers all over the floor, then stomp all over the crackers as he looked at me and laughed. I was cleaning everything up. and he had gotten into other things...and then stood on top of the Cricut cartridge box to try and climb on top of the desk! I have been trying to get used to learning how to use my Canon Rebel XS in manual mode (I used my 50 mm lens) and had it in my hands when I took this one. Tiny little shoes on top of the (empty!!!) cartridge box. Aaahh...if anything else, my boys give me lots of photo opportunities and laughter!!

Have a great day!!


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