Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 52, 10 on 10 Challenge, and A Day in the Life

This post is a combination of three challenges. Well, sort of. One isn't a challenge, I just thought I'd do it because it sounded like fun. The first is for My 3 Boybarians. The second is Carly Robertson's 10 on 10 Challenge, where we post 10 photos that were taken throughout the day. The third challenge (for me, anyway) was participation in Ali Edwards' A Day In the Life. For that one, you document through photos and journaling.  
It isn't about taking photos of everything, or to journal every minute of your day. It is just capturing the normal, every day things. 
Well, here they are: 

The theme for My 3 Boybarians' Project 52 this week's is True Love.

We has SO MUCH FUN taking these pictures and being silly!!!

& A Day in the Life

4:45 am...Matt getting ready for work...and not wanting his photo taken this early in the day.

Thursday morning duties: 4:50 am...taking out the trash!
Dominic decided to play with my (deep purple!) ink pad. Apparently he thought he'd taste it too.
Notes and to-do lists on the mirror.
Good morning, Dominic!!
 Yay!!! Got to Skype with one of my sisters, Gabriela, and my beautiful nephew, Luciano.
 Listening to Fiesta Criolla on

Another trip to the library and basketball practice clothes for Alex.
 Using this purple corn from Peru to make chicha morada, a VERY popular drink in Peru. You can read more about it here: Not only does it have many healthy benefits, but it also tastes GREAT!!!

I finally got to work on  few cards.
 Sebastian playing with Dominic at Alex's basketball practice. I love how the height difference is so obvious here. (They are 12 1/2 years apart!!) 
 My little basketball player!! (In the blue shirt.) 

Above and below: Preparing dinner!

 Matt made me a photo box (just needs to be covered or painted in white and white fabric needs to be addded in the open areas) and Dominic thought it would be fun to see if he fit in it. Why yes, yes he did.

Have a great day!!

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  1. Hi, I just read your comment on my blog for Heather's birthday post. You know I was a co room mother for Mr Utley (sp?) class with James Estep's mom, Bette that year. Your name sounded familiar. I do remember Sheila. Thank you for the lovely comment. You and Heather both have 3 boys each. How amazing. I also see you are an interpreter? What kind of interpretering do you do? Reason is I lost my hearing when Heather was 12. So glad you and Heather and Sheila have found each other again. If you and Heather and Sheila were always together I would have to have known you. Your last name sounds so familiar. Did you go by a nickname in school? If it were not midnight, I would text Heather right now as I think you finding each other is so delightful! Yeah FB. Thank you writing on my blog and your boys, your hubby, your family is just beautiful. I can see you are very happy too. It is such a blessing to see "litle girls" grow up to be awesome mom's and have precious families. Have a blessed day sweetie.


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