Monday, July 28, 2008

Driving Cross Country...Part 3

We were up by 6:45 am. I am not really sure what time it is really, the time zones are now a blur. By 8:20 we had showered, had breakfast and put gas in the car. Somewhere near a city called Geronimo I couldn't help myself and took a picture of a power plant- the CHOLLA POWER PLANT, HAHAHAHA!!! (That's for you Gabadoo) It was pretty windy, thank goodness that we were driving such flat land. Matt at some point asked me if I had to choose between there and Kentucky...easy choice there! At around 9:15 we were passing the Petrified Forest National Park, getting ready to pass the Painted Cliffs and Desert. I tried to get some pictures but a point and shoot digital camera does this place no justice. In these pictures you can't see the rich colors of these rocks or the (dry) riverbeds too well. I told Matt that of all the people we know, probably Nancy and my mom would love to hike and explore around here more than anyone else.

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