Monday, July 28, 2008

Driving Cross Country...Part 2

8:18 pm- Kingman, AZ Still the middle of nothing.
9:42 pm- Seligman, AZ The sky is full of what looks like a million stars, it is beautiful. Alex is now asleep, Sebastian is going strong with the second DVD. Matt is tired, but not saying so, and I am making him listen to an 80's mix cd I made. New Kids on the Block to be exact. I'm bored, my left hip hurts and it's too dark for me to read now. I can't wait until tomorrow when we get to Texas. (In case you're wondering, I kept a pretty detailed journal of our trip as we were driving. Ididn't want to look back at our pictures and not know where they were taken.) Sebastian began to salivate when I reminded him that we were going to try to go the Big Texan in Amarillo. Check it out: Sebastian, Alex, my father & I ate here 4 years ago when we drove through this area.
We finally stopped at midnight in Winslow, AZ at a Holiday Inn where we had made reservations ahead of time. 4 people, handicapped room, 1 King bed, no electricity in our room. ?!?! We were moved to a 2 bed SMOKING room. Enough said.
Luckily we were too tired and were all asleep in about 5 minutes. 311 miles covered so far.

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