Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hmmm...Which outfit should I wear??

 My latest card set...inspired my sisters & our different personalities. My sister Gabriela says the Sunday outfit looks like me. I think that's funny, b/c I don't own a single thing that looks like that. Haha!! My legs are too skinny for capris!!! I have a GORGEOUS dress from White House/Black Market that is more Friday's style that I LO-OVE....the photo is from May 2007, when our oldest son Sebastian made his First Communion & Confirmation in Las Vegas. We had no idea then we'd eventually become a family of 5!!

Want to see more? This set- which happens to be my favorite right now- is listed in my Etsy shop, where you will see a few more photos of this lovely card set. (You can also click on each image to see them better.) Here's the link: or


  1. Such a cute card set! :) I like the rhinestone accents you added too!

  2. What fun cards! they are so pretty, I love the cameo style seals too.

  3. Oh I love this card set!! My sister and I used to alwasy fight about clothes - now we can go shopping together and be happy to help one another find that perfect LBD or any other outfit. I am defintiely heading over to your Etsy page tonight...too cute for words...very creative; seems like you're talents are so varied. What a great way to share with everyone. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your comments ladies!! Cathy- check out Monica K & Stephanie's blogs (the comments above yours)- you'll love them too!!
    Monica & Stephanie- if you like "chick lit" (I listen to audiobooks a lot while I am working) you'll really enjoy Cathy's blog. TONS of great book reviews, etc.

  5. I would love to order the Sunday cards but have them say thank you and maybe you could design cards I can give to my clients with a photo of their new home so they could use them as just moved cards. Let's talk, I love your work!!!
    Mary Montgomery
    Las Vegas, NV


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