Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 Favorite Things Thursday

Today's topic is: Favorite Things

1- Favorite Accessory: My big silver hoops
2- Favorite Song: Don't really have one, although right now I really like "Rolling In the Deep" by Adele
3- Favorite Drink:  Water with lemon
4- Favorite Color: Aqua/blue-green/Robin's Egg Blue/Tiffany blue-any color that looks like the color of the ocean- but NOT TEAL!!! Ever since I watched The Wedding Planner (Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConnaughey) and she says, "She chose teal for her bridesmaids dresses! Teal! The color of gangrene!!"- I just can't bring myself to include the color of gangrene!
5- Favorite Holiday: Christmas, followed by Halloween- not the scary Halloween though. The kid friendly, fun to decorate with your kids Halloween. Ooohhh...and Memorial Day- hello!! Beach time!!
6- Favorite memory: I really don't think I can pin this down to just one, so I will say this: I remember the very first time I went back to Peru after my family moved back to the United States. I remember the sounds, the sights, even the smell of that first trip back home.
Also- Saturdays and Sundays when friends and family would go to our house and my parents would grill and we'd play music and dance and just hang out at my house.
7. Favorite way to spend Saturday: Getting up early and spending the day at the beach. Right now we don't live anywhere close to the beach so I will also add lounging around with my husband and our boys, watching movies, or doing something outside, together.
8. Favorite movie: Drama- The Godfather & The DaVinci Code~ Girly movies- You've Got Mail, The Wedding Planner, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
9. Favorite Food: just about anything Peruvian or Italian or homemade pizza ( I have a great recipe for the dough and then you add fresh ingredients- best pizza ever!)
10. Favorite store: Target

and for fun, 11. Favorite desert: Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream, Key Lime Pie, Apple or New York Style Cheesecake

Feel free to play along and let Stephanie know you stopped by!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. My favorite color: also blues of the ocean, but I have to admit that I love the emerald green and, yes, teal combinations off the coast of the Bahamas. Add super-fine, white sand beaches and fresh ocean air? Paradise! (Add Matthew McConnaughey... sigh.... I noticed you had a little movie theme going there - LOVE "How to Lose a Guy"...)


  2. Hi Antoinette,

    Thanks for stopping by our Facebook page... we love to hear how excited you are for Stamp It! Cards! I just wanted to tell you how fun your blog is! Your posts are hilarious and your cards are so cute! :) Have a great weekend, and happy crafting!

  3. Courtney- I am honored you stopped by & left me a comment!!! Thank you for the sweet comments!!

    Robin- I didn't even realize I had a movie/Matthew McConnaughey (sigh is right!) theme going. That is funny...thanks for the comment!!

  4. Fun list, Antoinette! It's great to get to know you better! :)


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