Friday, April 8, 2011

3 Things Thursday- on a Friday (A little late!!)

I am a little late with this post, but better late than never!
Today's theme was 3 reasons you like ____________. 

I chose "waking up early" because I didn't want to use the usual answers...

1. I actually LOVE waking up early b/c I enjoy seeing the sun come up...
2. The quiet...early morning quiet is different from late night quiet...
3. Everything is new again, you see your loved ones, even your pet, sleeping peacefully...there's just something about seeing living things begin to wake up each day.
4. I love that MOST of the time I have time do some things before everyone else wakes up.
5. Waking up early means you can work out and be finished without interruptions (I workout at home). 
6. Waking up early motivates me to do more than when I get up late. (I'd rather get things done first thing..)
7. I like waking up early b/c sleeping past 7 feels like I slept until noon!
8. Waking up early gives me time to do something I really love- read. Or, if I am lucky, to create something (that one is kind of tough b/c  that means I have to move around getting things out- and unfortunately that is when someone will wake up!)
That is all I can think of right now, mainly b/c I can't sleep, it is 1 am Friday morning...sorry Stephanie!! I know it is late but really, better late than never!!!

I'd love to hear your list of things you like!!! Feel free to use Stephanie's logo- and visit her blog to let her know you participated!!!

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  1. Better late than never for sure! I love getting up early too. I used to be a sleep in late person until this last year. Getting up early makes me feel like I got a head start. I love shopping early too, there's a calmer crowd of people in the morning, it's very peaceful & refreshing.
    thanks for playing along! :)


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