Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coffee Cups and Mugs...

These are some of the orders for etched glass I have been working on. The first photo is an order I did for my husband's friend. They are the round coffee mugs, which is one of the two most popular glasses I sell. They are etched with the names Tim, Sherry and Jewell.

The next two photos are of an order I did for Isabel, a buyer from my etsy shop. She ordered these for her co-workers, as a going away gift. The square coffee mugs are the other most popular mugs I have in my shop.

The last photo is also another etsy order. This one I was so happy with, it was for Susan, a customer from Florida. She and a group of her friends are getting together for a girl's getaway- and that is what is etched on the mugs. Their names on one side and the place they are going and the year. I was particularly happy with this order. In part, because they look nice, and also because I have always wanted to take a girl's getaway with my own friends. How fun would that be?!

You can find my etsy shop here:

Christmas is not that far away so if you have anyone in mind that would enjoy etched glasses, mugs, plates or bowls, be sure to place your order soon! I am having a special, I will give a 10% discount to a customer who refers someone, until September 25th.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. these look great! I've never considered a glass coffee mug, but I'm liking it!


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