Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday and A Cute Blog

Recently I was browsing some blogs and through The Twinery: I found a blog with the cutest banners. They are great for baby showers and she's got tons of options. I for one, am trying to figure out what I want on a 1st birthday banner for Dominic (I have time, I am not quite ready for him to be 1 yet. I hope July takes its time getting here.) Her name is Stephanie and you can find her blog here:   on Facebook:!/parkersprints and on Etsy:

Because I like question and answer type of stuff, I thought I'd play along with Stephanie's post today.

What 3 places are you dying to visit?

Here are my 3:

1- New York City- in particular Rockefeller Center around Christmas time. Really, I think I'd need to go at different times of the year to fully appreciate it.

2- New England in general. I am OBSESSED with the ocean, seafood, the decor, the breezy days by the sea. (I was born in Peru, grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, joined the Navy and ended up in KY after meeting my husband. All roads lead back to Florida for me.) It just looks so beautiful and a little more carefree than most places. I haven't traveled very far North either.

3- Italy. Where my family is originally from, before moving to Peru (beginning with my great grandparents.). I have been watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" lately and it is really making me wish I knew where my ancestor are from. I have a good idea, but nothing for sure.

That being said, the list of places I'd like to visit is extensive. Anyone that knows me well can tell you if it is surrounded by ocean water, I am there, no questions asked. Preferably warm waters, thank you.

So, which 3 places would you want to visit? (Be sure to leave a comment here!)

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  1. I'm so happy you played along! :) I lived near Ft. Lauderdale for a year when I was younger. The beaches there are beautiful too.


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