Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge Week 1

I chose 3 photo challenges to participate in this year and up first Carly Robertson's Photo Friday Challenge. I am a huge fan of hers and have been for a long time. It all began with her beautiful, classic, clean and simple cards. Now that she has changed her blog a bit and it is about "keeping it simple", she has me wanting to clean out my closets and all things unnecessary. Since I read one of her posts where she talks about being ruthless when she is getting rid of clothes and things her family doesn't need or use anymore...well, I have been ruthless around here as well. I am not completely finished but so far, it feels good to clear out some space.
Anyway, for this week's first challenge, we are taking self portraits...I don't like taking pictures of myself anymore. More than anything because me, being a big dummy sometimes, thought I could tan with no problem when I lived in Las Vegas. Now I have very unattractive sun spots all over my face. I hate being pale, but I would much rather be pale than have these ugly things that I am now seeing a dermatologist for to try and get rid of. (So far, it is working, but it will take a long time!) 
I like this photo because I have no makeup on, hair pulled up, you can't see the sun spots, and I was just at home, being casual. Normally I don't know that I would even post this photo for all the world to see, but it is ME. Comfortable and relaxed.
I hope that out of this challenge I improve my photography skills, and I will also end up with a nice collection of photos. They will help tell the story of my family's year.

**The other challenges are 10 on 10 from Carly Robertson and Project 52 from my3boybarians. They are all centered around photography. Maybe by this time next year I will have a great understanding of my Canon DSLR. And of course, an awesome photo album.

Have a great day!!



  1. Hi Antoinette, I'm so happy you were able to play in the photo challenge! Your self portrait is simply perfect! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Yay Antoinette, I am so glad you are playing along in this challenge. I am too - just trying to get past the 'taking a photo of myself' issues :) I love that this photo represents 'you'.

  3. How wonderful to be starting a project for the year! All the best!

  4. love this photo! I look forward to your future posts with the new challenges you've joined :)

  5. I love that you took this photo in the mirror, great photo and you are beautiful...I know what you mean with taking a photo of ourselves, it really is not an easy thing to do.

  6. I like your self portrait. Natural and comfortable is the best way to be.


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