Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some News...

For the past few months I have not posted much of anything because I have been busy...sleeping...a lot more than normal. Back in October, Halloween to be exact, we went to the state Cross Country Meet in Lexington, KY to watch our oldest son compete. It was a 4 hour trip up there and a 4 hour trip back. Anyway, before we left Lexington, I suggested to my husband that we get some wine for when we got back home. Cheese, wine, apple slices, etc. Well, I had half a glass of wine (Chateau St. Michele Riesling) and fell asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open!! I don't drink much AT ALL but the stuff knocked me out. A few days later, I was with the boys, my mother-in-law and husband's grandmother and again, I couldn't stay awake (no wine that day). So I had this funny feeling...I was pregnant. (I am one of the lucky ones, I find out VERY early, as in, my doctors told me it was too soon to even take the test.) One week after that, I was substituting for the very first time for the Spanish teacher for the whole week. So, in the very early morning hours of November 9th (around 5AM) I couldn't stand it, I took the home EPT (yes!! I had one at home!!). It took, oh about 30 seconds for the little lines to show up. I called my husband, who was already at work, but he took so long to call back that I ended up texting him a photo of the test. (I know, I know, horrible, but I couldn't stand it. I needed to talk to him RIGHT THEN.) hahaha, I also included my very best friend-practically-my-sister Veroushka in that text. Then, I went to school, to sub high school Spanish for the first time ever. I was nervous as it was, but the EPT results had me in a daze. Thank goodness the kids were AMAZING. They were so great they made me want to teach full time. That will be a post for another day though. This was needless to say, a very shocking surprise- but we are very happy about it. Our parents are also very happy and the news was well received. It is safe to say we thought we were done having kids. I always wanted 3, I just thought number 3 would have happened a few years ago (our boys are 12 and 8- huge age difference). So, now, this little boy or girl will have 2 older brothers to look out for him or her.

Here is the video of the when we told our boys about 2 weeks later. Their reaction was priceless. In the video I had a cold and I was trying not to cry so I sound very funny...

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